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Holy Trinity Cemetery

There are three Cemeteries at Holy Trinity Kelso, the oldest is known as the Pioneer Cemetery.

While the Church has records of all burials which have taken place, no geographical referencing was included until much more recent times. As a result, only graves with a monument are able to be located. There are many more graves than those with known locations.

The Pioneer Cemetery at Holy Trinity Church includes a number of burial vaults. The last time one of these vaults was opened for an interment was in the 1930’s.

The Main Cemetery, or Monumental Cemetery, at Holy Trinity Church served until the opening of the current Lawn Cemetery. There is little space left for new burials and it is considered to be closed, except for a small number of reservations.

The Holy Trinity Lawn Cemetery is the current active Cemetery. In line with modern practice, all graves are standardised and arranged in rows making maintenance of the grounds much more practical.

In addition to the Cemeteries at Holy Trinity Kelso, there is a Columbarium and Rose Garden for interment of ashes.

A list of burials in the Main Cemetery and the Lawn Cemetery are on display in the Columbarium.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the earliest recorded burial at Kelso?

Entry No 1 in the Burial Register records that John Fennel, a shepherd at Mr Redfern’s farm died on 26 March, 1826. Entry No 16 records that Stephen Wain, 55, Wellsinker, of Bathurst, who died 23 May, 1827 was the “first in the new or church burial ground”. The location of his grave is unknown.

2. What is the oldest known grave?

John Fennel, aged 36, Lieutenant in the 48th Foot Regiment and ex-Aide-de-Camp to Major General Sir Thomas Brisbane, died on 6 July, 1826 and is buried in the Pioneer Cemetery.

3. Some of the old tombstone inscriptions are too eroded to read. How can I get a copy of the transcription?

All legible transcriptions in the Pioneer Cemetery were recorded in 1983. Please send an enquiry on the Family History Enquiry form.

4. My family wants to attach a brass plaque to our ancestor’s grave. How do we go about it?

Permission has to be granted by the Cemetery Trust. Please send an enquiry on the Family History Enquiry form.

5. I know my ancestor is buried at Holy Trinity, Kelso but I don’t know where? What can I do?

Please send an enquiry on the Family History Enquiry form and we will do our best to assist. Please remember that we can only locate graves which have a marker.